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Picture of By: Mary Sommer

By: Mary Sommer

Spring Marches On

Every day is New Year’s Day in March. 

March is an entire month of January 1st.    The whole month is a gigantic opportunity to start over.  Spring is the perfect time for some major renewals and redos.  

As spring emerges this time of year we get another opportunity to restart.  Just like the blooming of the flowers and trees we get the same opportunity to regroup, plan, and start all over again. The days are getting warmer and longer and the fresh air is lovely so  open the windows and revel in the warmth.  

Below are some ideas to get your warm weather world hopping:  

Start getting your summer planned.  Make those reservations, get the camps researched and booked, get your passport ordered or renewed.  

Review your planner and get all the new upcoming dates for vacations, parties, events, sports, camps etc on your calendar.

Take some time to sit and thing about your goals for the next 3 months.  What do you want to accomplish during March, April and May.  Break it down into small tasks and get those on your calendar.  Plant a garden, take regular walks, read more; whatever it is you need to write down the steps and plan it out.  I have started doing this quarterly and I only pick 3-4 items(if that many) to work on.  I am amazed at how much I get done by spending time thinking and planning.  

Look at all your cool/cold weather clothes.  What was never worn? Donate it or store in a bin to consign next Fall.   If an item is too old, or beyond repair or dated set it free; many places take worn items and sell them to rag makers; win-win for everyone.

Do the same thing for your warm weather clothes.  Pull them out and evaluate.  If it is too small, too big, too worn, too out of date or you just plain don’t like it anymore then let it go.  It will be perfect for someone else.  

Look at your winter sports equipment and do the same.  Do items need repairs?  Are the skates too small or the skis never used;  let them go.  If you have missing gloves or unraveling scarves then donate them to a rag collector.  

Review your warm weather leisure, sports and outdoor equipment. Purge items you never used, inventory and replace what you need, sharpen and oil your tools and clean out the garage and/or shed.  

Check your coat closets; put way the cold weather boots, wash or dryclean the coats and put them in storage.  Box up the gloves and scarves.  Reorganize the closet to hold raincoats and boots, summer beach towels, sunscreen etc.  

Makeup is often forgotten but should be decluttered regularly.  Review your makeup and discard anything that is expired or you no longer use or want.  Pay particular attention to those freebie samples that you will NEVER USE.  Throw them out!!!  

Go through your pantry and check for seasonal items.  Especially those from Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Use them up now because they will be expired  by next holiday season.  

Since you are probably finished with your taxes NOW is the time to rework your tax files.  Get an easy to use drop-file and place it in a convenient location. Mine is near my desk.  As receipts come in, or information appears just drop the paperwork in there throughout the year.  Also make a list on a card of the items you need to make sure to include next year such as DMV fees, or self paid insurance premiums, mileage for charity etc.  check with your tax advisor for a complete listing.  Likewise create a small notebook for your car or truck to  track mileage if you will need this information.